How it works?

Admin manual
  • 1

    Log in as admin

    Register. Choose to log in as an admin.
  • 2

    Add your team members

    1. Press “+” to add users.

    2. Type your team members email
    and press on the found email.
    If no email is found, this means your team member has not yet registered on the app.

    3. You have sent request to the user,
    wait for your team member to confirm you
    as their admin.
  • 3

    Create a task

    Press “+” to create task

    Type in task name, choose color, choose permitted time to time the task, choose applicable users and create task.

    Your choosen team members could now time task.
  • 4

    Check the statistics

    Go to menu and press on “statistics”.

    Choose your user

    Choose time and observe the statistics.
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